Think Pink! This is a sweet n’ smooth soap for all types of skin as well as for mature and sensitive ones. Pink clay is considered to be the mildest of all clays but still can be used occasionally against acne and also as a mild exfoliator. I have blend in an equal portion of kaoline for extra smooth and non-sensitizing feel and chamomile extract in sweet almond oil for moisture. ingredients : Coconut oil, Olive oil, NaOH, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Castor oil,Sweet almond oil, cosmetic grade pink clay and kaolin clay, chamomile tea, vitamin-E Some ingredient facts: Palm oil free soap . After many requests and personal challenge I have turn all my recipes to palm free. I always use edible Greek Olive oil. All the herbs (like the chamomile extract i used in this one ) comes from my family garden. Clays are always cosmetic grade. NOTE: Please keep in mind that the object shown in the picture might differs in color or shape than the one you are going to receive. Pictures are for reference only. Hand made products tend to create their own unique oddity. ALSO: Hand made soap will last for longer if you keep it on a soap dish between uses and away from direct contact with water or steam.


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